Web-GMUI has been renamed and moved to P2P-GUI


Web-GMUI is a remote web interface for MLdonkey, aMule, rTorrent, Transmission and giFT.

This GUI tries to combine different GUIs for p2p programs in one application/project
to save overall work and to cover many different needs and tastes.

Therefore it's aimed to be easy to modify and to extend.

Supported platforms so far are Windows, Linux (i386) and MacOSX* (i386).
It's still beta and may crash. No warranty.

Quick Start
Compiling from Sources
Old homepage (PHP project)

Quick Start

Download and start the program on the console.
Browse to http://localhost:8080 or what host you started Web-GMUI on.
The Login screen will appear and you can login with user name "admin" and no password.

On Windows, you need to have OpenSSL installed.
On Linux, you need to have OpenSSL and libz installed.
On MacOSX, everything should be onboard.


Beta phase plans:

Future plans

The source is kept modular, so features can be excluded with compile flags.


How to use Web-GMUI and connected to MLDonkey/aMule/rTorrent/Transmission/giFT? How to prepare rTorrent for remote connection? How to access the different guis? How to make use of the GeoIP database? How to get around the "object.Exception: Could not load OpenSSL library." error. How to enable SSL + password authentification How to make buttons work for the HTML gui in Internet Explorer 6/7? [Plex Gui] How to enable preview support for aMule (speedup for MLDonkey)? [Plex Gui] How to add items to the panel? How to alter guis, themes, skins? Wasn't there a PHP version for multi user management? Why is it written in the D programming language?


Any contribution is welcome!
You can participate in multiple ways:

Compiling from Sources

The current release may have bugs that are already fixed in SVN.
If you want to compile Web-GMUI from sources you need a D compiler and the Tango library.
These steps are for DMD on linux. Steps for Windows/MacOS and gdc (svn!) are similar.


Many thanks to all People/Projects who have contributed in many different ways:


Server : freenode.net:6667
Channel: #web-gmui

mwarning at users.sourceforge.net